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   part of science. They also spent a morning working in a Food Bank as part of an investigation into food insecurity for math and geography. Partnerships with the Boulevard Club and Argonaut Rowing Club, among others, make for exceptional physical education. Toronto as our campus makes for rich, unforgettable learning in all subjects.
STUDENT LEADERSHIP | All Senior School students engage in authentic leadership each week in our KCS By Design program. Joining committees in academics, arts, athletics, citizenship and spirit, they play a lead role in building the school experience. A pre- vious Humber Happenings article shared how this program led to difference- making in Humber Bay.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP | Every student will engage in at least one complete ven- ture. Our Grade 10s engage in decision-making, price-modelling and bookkeeping. Guided by their value
proposition and customer research, they developed a menu including homemade cookies, crepes and more. Our extra- curricular Cafe Club runs the café each Friday at lunch.
Finally, the KCS Path Program is where each Wednesday afternoon all students have time, location, resources and access to expertise to pursue learning on the topic of their choosing. Each student also has a Path Mentor who offers tips and feedback. Thanks to Path, students are strengthening their independence, resourcefulness and intrinsic motivation for learning, traits that will set them up
for success throughout their lives.
This is a remarkable time in the world. People need a strong academic base, of course. People also need to be great at being people — creative, collaborative, curious, discerning, open-minded, pas- sionate, nimble in thought and action, keen to make a difference, kind, and empathetic. The KCS Senior School includes what has always mattered. And it goes beyond to develop the traits that matter more than ever. We’re excited to be in Humber Bay Shores and look forward to neighbours reaching out to learn more
or join an Open House! HH
Anyone wishing to learn more about the KCS Senior School is encouraged to visit our webpages and sign-up for the Senior School newsletter. Andrea Fanjoy, Head of Senior School, can be reached at and looks forward to getting to know residents and business owners in the exceptional HBS community. •

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