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   The arrival of my grandparents from Florida signified the arrival of spring and the promise of summer.
With one thought I am taken out of Mudville (which in my profession is often down in the morgue) and I am put above ground to enjoy the sunshine of memory and gratitude. One of the many gifts of grief and sorrow is the deepening of appreciation.
My father died in the springtime. His lifelong tradition of attending every single family event, whether a baptism, wedding, funeral, theatre performance or football game, was modelled to my sister and me. When my wife, and sometimes my kids, thank me for “always being there” I inwardly share that gratitude with Dad; he taught me how to be a man, brother, husband, father and friend. And yes, I attribute my broad shoulders for carrying commitment, no matter how difficult or inconvenient, as a prerequi-
site for being a good, decent and kind funeral director.
A heart-breaking springtime passing four years ago has strengthened my connec- tion to those I love; this is my father’s final gift to me. My garden is well-tended and fruitful because I can differentiate between weeds and what and whom matters.
This sense of discernment and opti- mism is what this spring can signify for all of us. We have suffered, we have deep- ened, and now we can emerge broken open to new possibilities and potentials.
My wish this spring is we step forward with the intention of bringing more joy into our lives. Less focus on circumstance and negativity and a disciplined focus on the parts of life that make us come alive and feel joy.
Right here, right now we are living the sacred gift of being alive. Let’s step into sunshine and plant seeds that help us all thrive and grow. HH
Brad Jones is president of locally- owned, commission-free Ridley Funeral Home (3080 Lake Shore Blvd) in Etobicoke. By the time you’re reading this, Brad and his wife will have pitched summer holiday ideas to their six kids. Brad expects mutiny and mayhem. You’re always welcome to reach out to Brad by calling 416-259-3705 or emailing him at

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