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Join a thriving sailing community at Humber Bay Shores!
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  Looking for something to do this summer? Have you ever thought about sailing? If you’ve never sailed before, don’t let that stop you. There are lots of ways to get onto the water right here in Humber Bay Park West. It’s fun and educational for young and old alike. And who knows, it could become a life- long passion like it is for so many members of Mimico Cruising Club (MCC).
MCC offers various levels of member- ship, so it doesn’t need to be expensive to join. Become a Social Member and get access to the spacious, waterfront club-
house and dining room, plus the many social activities, including live music events, hosted by the club each year. You can hang out with family and friends at the shore-side BBQ gazebos. As a club member, you can register to crew on someone else’s boat for club races. Some captains look for additional crew and they’re happy to introduce newcomers to sailing and provide informal, hands- on training.
If you’re feeling more adventurous or want to make a bigger commitment, you could try sailing dinghies. Dinghies are small sailboats, such as Lasers, 420s, and
Wayfarers, that are typically sailed solo or with a skipper and one crew. These boats are ‘dry sailed’ which means their owners launch their boats each time they want to sail using the dedicated facilities at MCC. Dinghies vary in price based on quality and age so there’s one to fit most budgets. Next door to MCC, at Etobicoke Yacht Club (EYC), there is also a growing fleet of sailing dinghies that race each week.
If you want to jump straight into larger, keelboat sailing, you could start by taking courses through Humber Bay Sailing Centre (HBSC), located immedi- ately north of MCC. In addition to on-the-water and classroom instruction, HBSC runs a sailing club where mem- bers can learn to sail and have access to their fleet of keel boats without the cost of ownership.
At MCC, some of our members prefer to be physically active on the water in kayaks or on stand-up paddle boards, both of which can be stored on MCC property. MCC members with children or grandchildren love the fact that their kids can participate in EYC’s junior sailing program.
If you try any of these approaches and later decide to purchase your own sailboat, what better place to keep it than at Mimico Cruising Club? As a full boating member, you can use one of the 300+ club slips, store your boat on club property during the winter, participate in MCC’s very active racing program and join an organized cruise to one of MCC’s dozens of reciprocal partner clubs around Lake Ontario.
And if sailing isn’t for you, you could become one of the many, happy power boaters who already call Mimico Cruising Club home. HH
So many ways to enjoy summer on the water. Please contact us to find out more

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