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 • Presentations to new condominium Boards in the commu- nity inviting them to join HBSCA.
• Ongoing engagement with the Master Traffic Plan consult- ants regarding Park Lawn and Lake Shore Blvd.
We’ll continue to work with the Councillor’s office and Toronto Police Service regarding issues and concerns in the Humber Bay Shores parks expressed by the residents in our community.
We recognize that projects and initiatives can affect each con- dominium in our HBS community differently. It is important that HBSCA membership is representative of our entire commu- nity. Membership strengthens the position of individual condominiums in formulating HBSCA views on projects and formulating community initiatives.
Planned changes to the Humber Bay Shores community will spread existing densities over a larger area compounding existing concerns. These include, but are not restricted to:
• An application has been submitted to the city’s planning department for a bylaw change from commercial to residential for the site at XYZ storage at Lake Shore Blvd and Legion Road. Developers want to put a 35-storey and an 18-storey building on the property.
• Proposed 13-storey boutique hotel at Lake Shore and Silver Moon. The owners have applied for a hearing with the Ontario Land Tribunal.
• Proposed 59-storey condominium on the recently sold Esso property on the SE corner of Lake Shore/Park Lawn. A meeting with the Ontario Land Tribunal will take place in May of this year.
Future development affects a range of shared concerns of our HBS community:
• Traffic congestion
• 25 more years of continuous construction impacts
• Electricity grid impacts
• Potable water supply issues
• Sewage treatment capacity
• Stormwater management
KQQR construction continues along Roncesvalles Avenue and The Queensway. Updates on each of the work areas are summa- rized on the right:
Roncesvalles Avenue
• Work crews are finishing the reconstruction of the sidewalk on the west side of Roncesvalles Avenue.
• This will be followed by the reconstruction of the curb travel lane and the reconstruction of the east side of Roncesvalles Avenue.
• Overhead wiring transfer from the existing TTC streetcar and streetlighting poles has been made to the new poles.
• Paving and pavement markings along Roncesvalles Avenue are expected to take place in early March with Roncesvalles Avenue expected to fully reopen to vehicles by mid-March 2023.
• Work will continue with the installation of various TTC streetcar track platforms (from Queen St to Dundas St) with lane restrictions only as necessary.
• Pending completion of civil works, TTC 504 King Streetcar service is scheduled to resume at the start of May.
The Queensway
• TTC track work is underway between Glendale Avenue and Parkside Bridge.
• The Stage 2 work is to be completed in late Spring 2023. Upon completion, all travel lanes on The Queensway will be restored.
• Once civil works are completed, extensive overhead power system upgrades will be installed to allow for the resumption of regular 501 Queen Streetcar Service in the Summer.
Throughout the year, with all that is going on in our com- munity, there is always a need for volunteers. If you would like to help us out, please contact our office via email at HH
Have a Great Spring!

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