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 Dolores Smith heads up The Olivar Corp, a company specializing in the importation and sale of premium Spanish solids and liquids including EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), vinegar and olives. To set the tone, let’s ask the most basic question: what is the difference between EVOO and “regular” olive oil?
“Olive oil and EVOO are both made from the olive fruit, but labelled ‘olive oil’ due to its very low initial quality, has been refined to be palatable,” Smith reveals. “The refining process removes defective components and off flavours, but also removes vitamins, polyphenols and other important health-inducing and flavour-generating components.” Smith also notes that refined olive oils inevitably retain chemical residue from the refining.
Smith explains that EVOO is not chem- ically refined, with “virgin olive oil” undergoing only mechanical force to crush the olives to then allow the fruit’s oil to be separated from the remaining pulp and pit. Extra virgin is the highest currently designated category of quality by international regulations, with great variation in quality possible within this category.
With personal health becoming more of an issue with many, EVOO offers some proven benefits.
“The health benefits of EVOO can be many,” Smith confirms, “but they also vary in relationship to the quality of the fruit used and how the entire pipeline
from fruit cultivation to oil extraction and storage are handled.” Smith notes that, in general, major modern health benefits research extends beyond the tra- ditional cardiovascular health to newer areas of research including bone health, assisting with food nutrient absorption, protection from certain cancers, maternal and pediatric health, reducing risk of a variety of chronic diseases and brain and digestive health which includes supporting beneficial microbes in the gut.
Which is all great news. But fish oil is healthy, too. Where EVOO shines is in its flavour. Tasting one of Smith’s EVOOs – like her newly-listed Centenarium Pre- mium – against a regular grocery store
number is literally like tasting wine against water. Centenarium explodes with fresh, leafy, herbal/earthy scents and flavours, with peppery nuances and a touch of bitterness on the finish.
“Pepperiness and bitterness are indi- cators of antioxidants,” Smith points out, adding that top-quality EVOO at the high end of this category “...should have an aroma reminiscent of the freshness of nature, diverse plants and fruits. Also, with a balance between the inten- sity of flavour, the nuances reminding us of nature and the pepper and bitter sensations.”
EVOO is becoming increasingly popular with top-notch chefs and sophisticated consumers. The downside is that it’s often hard for buyers to know exactly what they are getting.
“Fraud is a huge concern,” Smith acknowledges, “and the most common fraudulent activity is labelling ‘virgin’ olive oils ‘extra virgin’ or promoting a more standard EVOO as extraordinary.”
The only real way to know that what you are getting is the “real deal” is to find a distributor — like The Olivar Corp — that has developed strong relations with EVOO producers and who can personally vouch for the authenticity — and fresh- ness — of the product. HH
For more information visit our website or call Dolores at 416-300-1641. Be sure to ask about prefer- ential pricing on case orders.
tasty, healthy and natural —
all attributes of extra virgin olive oi
— the “royalty” of the olive oil kingdom.

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